Seller’s Guide

Selling your business

…or seeking a strategic investment partner is an important decision.  We can help you navigate all of the steps, from the initial valuation of your business, to deciding on financing options, to structuring the sale or investment under the most attractive terms available so that your financial and business goals are fully realized.

We help you confidentially locate a buyer or investment partner for your business that fully leverages the unique strengths and hard-earned goodwill you’ve worked so hard to build.

What we do for you

Once we list your business for sale, we protect your privacy and keep the process confidential, only exposing the details to vetted and qualified parties. We strive to protect your privacy and avoid any confusion with employees, vendors or curious competitors. Interested parties only learn the location and identity of your business well into the process, after being vetted and verified.

At the time of listing, we quickly notify all brokers, intermediaries and registered buyers within our extensive networks that your business is available (but without exposing the location or identity of your business). We also directly solicit qualified parties on your behalf with strategic marketing and exposure. Our networks include well over 1000 Florida business brokers and many registered buyers within the Florida Business MLS network – many already financially pre-qualified – as well as hundreds of other highly qualified financial and strategic buyers/investors and intermediaries across the US we have close working relationships with. We also typically have a number of “pocket buyers” who are not in any network, but are personally known to us or our close affiliates.

Once we start getting inquiries in response to all of our targeted exposure, we work to weed out the “tire-kickers” time wasters and curious competitors so that you only have to spend time considering the most qualified and serious buyers or partners.