Buyer’s Guide

Types of Buyers:

There are three primary types of buyers; strategic buyers who are already in the same industry, financial buyers who are investors focused on the investment aspects of a business and will not likely be operating it and those that don’t fit into those two categories, such as an owner-operator buying in an unfamiliar industry. There are distinct considerations for buyers, depending on their particular needs and which category applies.

Locating a Business

One of the biggest challenges in buying a business is first to locate the right one. We can guide you through the entire search, due diligence, financing and purchase process. As vetted members of the Florida Business MLS and other large business networks spanning the SE US and other regions, we have direct access to extensive details on thousands of businesses for sale. You can search right on our website, under the “Search Listings” tab. Also, by registering on our site as an interested buyer, you can substantially increase the potential businesses for sale you’ll have access to.

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Buyer Registration

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By registering your buyer interests and information and the parameters of your businesses interests we will notify thousands of business intermediaries and business owners in your industries of what you’re looking for. Your registration will be anonymous and not expose your identity – only our office will know who you are until the time is right for introductions. Often “shy” sellers won’t list their business publicly, but we can privately let them know of your interests. Many successful transactions have been done this way.

Other Considerations when Buying a Business

First it’s important for a buyer to reflect on their own motivations, desires and purchasing capabilities before buying a business. Do you want to work part-time or over-time? Are you comfortable hiring managers or managing employees or would you want to be on-site and in charge of the business at all times. Would you prefer a situation where the seller stays on for an extended period of time to train and help you transition from buyer to owner? Will you require substantial seller financing or are you able to comfortably fund or finance a purchase without assistance. We can help you structure the purchase to best suit your situation and goals.

What We do for You

During your search and research into buying the right business, we will be there every step of the.
First, as vetted members of the Florida business MLS network, we have access to extensive details on thousands of businesses throughout Florida and elsewhere and we are aware of many highly motivated business sellers. We can help you fine-tune your search to focus on the most relevant of these businesses and work closely with you through all the stages of the process. This process includes the initial assessment of your needs and capabilities, reviewing the available businesses for sale that match your criteria, digging deeper in the due diligence process on the finalists that deserve a closer look (including performing detailed valuation analysis on each company so you know you are paying a fair price), arranging face-to-face meetings with the seller, structuring the best financing for your situation and assisting in the negotiations to make sure you end up with the right terms, price and situation for your needs and goals.

We are tapped into a large universe of financial investors such as private equity groups, as well as strong financial/lending relationships. Also, we can provide business valuations and assist foreign investors with acquiring EB-5, L-1 and E-2 investor Visas.    When it comes time to structure the purchase, we can help you with your SBA loan and any creative financing, including seller “earn-outs” and mezzanine/bridge loans.