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At TC Business Brokers, we specialize in assisting business owners, buyers, and entrepreneurs in the sale and purchase of businesses in Florida as well as locating partners and assisting business buyers in navigating the SBA loan process. We provide business brokerage services covering all of Florida, with a focus on Florida’s beautiful coastal regions, including the Treasure Coast, Space Coast, and central Florida for the business brokerage services. You’ve found the best business brokerage and the top business brokers in Florida!

For Buyers

We offer buyers an database of thousands of active business-for sale listings for you to consider (see our “search listings” tab or the search links in the header area or below this section).  Note that this database is much more accurate and up-to-date than the public websites (which often have many long-expired or sold listings still up).  Buyers should place their trust in experienced and certified business broker and a licensed business broker in Florida. We can advise you on the different options and the pros and cons of different businesses, locations, and other considerations which other business brokers may not be able to provide.

We also are commercial and industrial real estate experts (sales and leasing) and can help you locate and negotiate the perfect space for your business or commercial enterprise, often in combination with a business purchase.

Anonymous buyer registration (nobody will see your name and direct contact information except us):  By registering your buyer interests and information and what you are looking for in a business purchase, we will notify thousands of business intermediaries and business owners in your industries of what you’re looking for.  You get notified as soon as new listings come on the market which matches your criteria.

See the active links for the various popular businesses for sale across Florida or chose your own criteria using the last link (or see our “Search Listings” tab:

For Sellers

We are specialists in the selling businesses at the highest possible price, with the utmost confidentiality and privacy to the seller. First, we can help you evaluate and provide an opinion of value for your business, as well as going over the different exit strategies you have available to you. As well as an outright sale, we often can find you strategic investors or partners to financially invest in your business, and share your ownership responsibilities until you are ready for a full exit.  As a licensed business broker firm in Florida, we have substantial resources to offer you.

Also, we have a large database of active, pre-qualified business buyers and potential business partners or investors.  As mentioned, a key benefit to our process is that we make sure the sale process will be strictly confidential, with your identity and that of your company only shared well into the sales process, after we’ve confirmed with reasonable efforts that a buyer is for real and qualified to make the purchase.  We filter out the time-wasters and usually can tell who just a competitor doing industry research vs. a legitimate buyer.  By the time you get involved with a buyer we’ve gone through a good bit communication and buyer due diligence already.  We don’t even bother you with all the others that don’t pass our screening.

Unlike many business brokers we are members of a large universe of financial investors including private equity groups, hedge funds etc. And we know how to help foreign investors with E-2, L-1 and EB-5 investor visas, which opens up additional buyers for you.

Sometimes a business owner is on the wall and undecided between expanding or selling.  We are experts at both.   We know how to grow your business through smart acquisitions (helping you buy your competitors).  This can be the best way to expand (an it also removes some of your competition from the market!).  We are long-time member of Business Brokers of Florida “BBF” (for more information, see our Affiliates tab) we have full access to every business for sale in Florida in the private business MLS and will be only looking out for your best interests.  You can also do searching the in the private business MLS from the links in our header or under the “Search Listings” tab.

Commercial Real Estate

We also are commercial and industrial real estate experts (sales and leasing) and can help you locate and negotiate the perfect space for your business or commercial enterprise, often in combination with a business purchase.

We are experts in commercial real estate (leasing and sales) and assist you in selling your valuable real estate, whether it’s part of your business or completely separate.   There are many options, such as a sale lease-back situation, under which your sell your real estate initially, and agree to lease it back right away from the buyer, so you can keep operating your business, but with a big profit from the RE sale in the bank. Alternatively, you can just sell your business, still keeping ownership to the real estate.  First, some buyers can’t afford to buy a business and the real estate and second, it can be very nice to be a landlord and collect ongoing rent.  We can arrange the best terms on your behalf, proving to be the top business brokers.   There are many options and ways a sale can be structured and we are experts at navigating all the different possibilities.  We can also guide you through the many different options for financing such as SBA lending, commercial lending, partial seller-notes etc. etc. As we are a long-term and well-known online business broker, we have a much buyer larger audience for any of these situations compared to our many of our competitors.

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Mergers and Acquisitions “M&A”

M&A can be seen as business brokerage on a larger more complex level or like investment banking “lite”.  Our broker/owner has extensive experience M&A and has worked on many larger more complex transactions.   Also, he spent nearly 20 years analyzing and advising retain and institutional investors on public company mergers.  Very very few business brokers have that sort of credential.  

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Our Broker/Owner

Jeff Manera:  Jeff started in brokerage as the youngest broker in Florida at the time, in the 1980’s, working with his father in the family real estate firm.   Since then he has developed extensive experience and advised business owners across Florida. Also, Jeff has substantial experience structuring complex and larger mergers and acquisitions type of business sales with mezzanine or tiered loans, partnership structures, multi-year “earn-out” structures, and other creative solutions – so we won’t have to hand your transaction off to a stranger if things get complicated.

Based in Stuart a certified business broker, we focus on Florida’s beautiful Treasure Coast, Palm Beach County, Martin County and St. Lucie County but cover all of Florida and the SE US.  We are proud members of the Florida Business Brokers of Florida “BBF” MLS network and the IBBA (International Business Brokers Association) as well as being the fully licensed business broker you can trust.